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Weekly Newsletter | August 1, 2020

A big thank you and dates to remember!

Beloved Parents:

We would like to start off by saying, “Thank you.” Since the doors of BCS closed, together we have faced this journey to stay together as a Christian school with our families, staff and especially our students. The journey has not been easy, but it has been fulfilling to see how God continues to work in many ways.

Above all, we put together a school in three months.

In the natural it seems like an impossible task, but because you all committed to the journey (with lots of prayers), and have been there every step of the way, Living Way Academy will welcome staff and students for its inaugural year. This could not have happened without your support. The days of meeting at my house to drop off registration payments, or payments collected through Venmo and Zelle, coming out during pandemic to book exchange, and lots of emails and text. This is not what a normal business or organization looks like, but we did it together.

We are so blessed to be a part of a community, where parents who love their children so much, sacrifice, and go beyond measures, to create what they know in their heart is best for their children.

Furthermore, we as a staff promise to love, serve, and challenge your children academically. We promise to be sensitive at a time when we are all asking “Why?” and we promise to create a school you will be proud to be a part of.

Dates to Remember:

We will have an orientation August 20th (Thursday) beginning at 6 PM. Due to social distancing we will schedule you all different viewing times. Please wear a mask and prepare to have your temperature taken. This day will strictly be to see where your child will be sitting and to hear teachers overview. It should only be 30 minutes long. Your scheduled times will be according to room locations so that not all grades are overviewing at the same time and spacing is adhered.

We will be starting school August 24, online with live synchronous learning. What does that mean? That means your child will log on every Morning from 8:00am -12:30pm, and be on line with their teachers until the academic day is over at 12:30pm. For the younger children it may require your assistance till they get in the habit of learning how to log on and off. School days will be face to face instruction Monday – Thursday. On Fridays, your child will be required to log on and take their weekly assessment test (anytime of the day before midnight).

We will also be open on site at Living Way Learning Center (for Essential workers children only) on August 24th. As an essential worker, we will need you to provide a letter from your employer stating you are essential. This letter will allow you (beginning August 24) to drop your child off to the learning center by 6:30 am (EC fees apply till 7:30). Once in person school begins, EC AM fees only apply till 7:15. Students will be a part of live synchronous instruction with the assistance of our EC staff. Students may bring their lunch or purchase lunch for $4 a day. A snack bar will be available, and a light breakfast will be offered. EC fees for PM care begin at 3:00pm. If your child will be attending due to you being an essential worker, please email me their name, grade, and what their drop off and pick up time will be each day.

1st Tuition payments are now due. If you did not attend a face to face Overview with Mrs. Stott, you have not signed your financial agreement. Please call Mrs. Sue (Financial Assistant) and set up your financial agreement. Her number is (909) 578-4326. FACTS/ Renweb has finally contacted us. By September 4th, all families will need to register with FACTS/Renweb to sign up for our financial institution. This is a $50 one-time fee to all families. Once you register by September 4, all finances and incidentals will be deducted from your account automatically once you set it up. Please note you will always be informed prior of deduction dates, and you create what works best for your family. More information to follow. Payments may be made through Venmo @Gina-Stott or Zelle (951)750-8300 or mailed to Living Way Fontana

Thank you to all who answered our short survey of starting school face to face or remaining online. It was truly a 50/50 response. Due to remaining in compliance with County regulations, we will comply and start online.

Please be on the lookout for an email from your child’s teachers. Teachers will begin to send out how to register for Class DoJo. All families must register. This is your direct connection and information link to your child’s teacher. Your teacher will email you instructions how to register and provide you with their class code.

How you can help:

Also, as we are getting closer to opening school we have lots of needs.

Distance Learning:

  • 2 large stand up whiteboards

  • Mimios

  • Desktop readers

In-Person Learning:

  • hoola hoops

  • jump ropes

  • board games for EC

Items available on Amazon:

  • (2) ECR4Kids Jumbo 4 to score Giant Game set

  • Prextex 3 in 1 Carnival Outdoor Games Combo set

  • Juegoal 3x2Ft Collapsible portable cornhole game set

  • Aporo Portable Table Top Scoreboard Flipper

  • EP Exercise N Play Toddler Basketball Hoop Stand Mini indoor basketball goal toy with ball pump

  • Franklin sports Playground balls- Rubber Kickballs and playground balls for kids

  • Giggles N Go Flarts outdoor games for family.

  • Special Supplies Balance Beams Stepping Stones for kids 8 Pcs. Set.

Don’t forget we have our Give,Send,Go crowdfunding linked here.

I leave you with this devotion:

If you are struggling with things from your past, I encourage you to set your focus in a new direction. Determine to be what God wants you to be, to have what God wants you to have, and to receive what Jesus died to give you. Because Jesus has come to give your Life and life abundantly. When discouragement tries to overtake you, talk yourself out of it, by proclaiming “I have the mind, of Christ, the heart of Jesus and the Joy of the Lord!

John 10:10 says, "The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it to the full."

Have a great weekend,

Mr. & Mrs. Stott

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